Yes or No? Shower Sex




Yes or No is my new weekly series. Every Monday we will explore sexual situations and see what makes them so great and why they aren’t for everyone. First up is shower sex.


When we’re looking to take sex out of the bedroom, an obvious option is to fuck in the shower. But the idea divides people. Lover or hater of some steaming, wet sex (with possible slip accidents), here are the pros and cons of getting it on in the shower.


  • Yes for period sex. It’s seen as cleaner in general, especially when it comes to easy clean up at the end and at any point during. Upright sex will leave gravity in charge of flow but when you can wash it away and never see it again, who cares?


  • Yes for the warmth. Chilly and horny? Fuck in the shower. The steam and heat also act as a relaxant.


  • Yes for time saving. Always short on time, we often have to choose to do something, losing out on the other. Fucking in the shower means there’s little to no down time between cumming and scrubbing.


  • Yes for the chance to focus. The sound of the water is distinct and loud, working well to block out neighbors slamming doors and your own thoughts.


  • Yes for outside the bedroom. We have many ways to keep sex new and exciting but taking our asses out of the bed is the easiest and cheapest.


  • Yes for water play. We stumbled upon this accidentally and it’s amazing for my sub space. On my hands and knees, head under the spray, my senses are bombarded. All I hear is water. The primary feeling is  the spray on my head and back, water pouring down my face and hair sticking to my forehead and neck. I can see only the floor, where my hair swirls slowly in the water around my fingers. It makes my mind quiet and my body come alive. Orgasms are always strong for me this way.


  • Yes for taking your breath away. Shoving your head under the harsh spray of the shower takes your breath away. It makes me shudder from head to toe and gasp for air. An incredibly mild form of breath play, but pretty safe and very fun.


  • Yes for masochistic excitement. Hard floors and hard walls. If you cum hard from your head banging into a wall and bruised knees, you’re in luck.


  • No for tired times. The shower isn’t the best place for sleepy, exhausted sex. The positions can be taxing and it can make you a little too sleepy.


  • No for bruised knees. I like bruised knees and show them off with pride but we all have different jobs. If you don’t want bruised knees, stay on your feet. You could put a folded up towel on the floor but know it’s going to end up soaked.


  • No messy bathrooms. Kids stuff, toiletries, bleach. Those things might not turn you on. If they don’t then tidy up or shove them in the sink where you won’t be able to see them.


  • No for bad sub space location. Once sex is done with, if you’re in sub space it can be awkward and unnerving. It’s easy to get cold fast and the floor being slippery means if you need help getting up, it can get dangerous. Play with care.


  • No for extra lube. Shower sex is better with lube. Water messes with lube. We have a choice of either pure water based or water and silicone mix and neither of them handle the spray well. It can be done, but positioning and extra lube help.


Shower sex, yes or no? Do you stay on your feet or get down and dirty on the floor?

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