I’m not allowed to officially change my name and so I write under Åsa Winter.

British and currently surviving in Finland, I am (in no particular order):

Submissive, a mother, a masochist, rope bunny.

What first started as journal writing turned into what I’m doing here today. It will always be primarily for Him, however I chose to start Masokitty because I found two things. One, people appeared lost on matters that I had personally experienced and I could assist them. Two, people simply didn’t understand .

What I write about varies but is sure to include:
Sex and IBS
Details of my life as a submissive/pet/slave

I will regularly take part it Kink of the Week and Sinful Sunday.

I can be found on the following:

Fetlife – LittlePussCat

Tumblr – HarderHarderMoreMore

Twitter – Masokitti

Email – a.winter.word(AT)gmail.com


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