Full Circle



I almost didn’t do this. There were tears and an attempt at retaking it so that I would be happier. But now I don’t care so much. It’s not what I see as perfect but that’s the point. We go back to this tie over and over but perfection is not needed. It’s not the point. We have fun. We feel connected. We may have gone full circle with our bondage, but that doesn’t mark the end. We will still grow and learn and enjoy it.

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6 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. These are absolutely beautiful photos and I am a bit jealous. I love to feel rope on my skin but we do not nearly do enough of it. I would love to see more of your rope work :)

    Rebel xox

  2. Beautiful rope on a beautiful body… I think there is always more to explore and learn with so many kinky things but especially so with rope


  3. s says:

    Tried my first pentagram harness a few nights ago (it looked like crap)! Love this rope work, especially the hip harness. <3

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