Taste the Rainbow



If you wish to use our image for Exhibit A’s competition, please let me know you are doing so and give credit with a link back to this site.

Because I was silly and forgot to add contact details and my about page goes awol:


Sinful Sunday


24 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow

  1. This is such an amazing, colourful… perfect picture, it could actually be a stock photo. Seriously. I love it. I can think of 100s and 1000s of ways in which I’d use this photo, and not just as the fuel for my next me-time session ;)
    It’s a perfect combination: spankable arse and sweet stuff. All in all, a thoroughly edible photo.

  2. I adore this image! I want to ask your permission to use as the inspiration for my story for Exhibit A’s competition and I will of course include a link back to the image. I can’t find a contact me anywhere on the site but won;t use your image or even start writing unless you give me your permission.

    • I’m so sorry about not putting a way of contacting me on this post. I have an about page which has them on but this theme likes to eat it sometimes. Of course you can use it for the competition!

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